5 helpful tips to nail the morning hair routine!

5 helpful tips to nail the morning hair routine!

How is it that the time in the morning before school goes so quickly? It’s like it goes twice as fast - you take your eye off the clock for a second (ok maybe more) and it’s time to race out the door!

We know how hard mornings can be. That’s why we want to share our best morning hair secrets with you.

1. Give them their own stuff

Have you ever noticed how kids take so much pride in something if it’s theirs? Not their big brother’s or sister’s, or their mum’s or dad’s… but their very own sticky, smelly, gooey pot of goodness. The item that no one else can touch, that they pack in their bag for a sleepover at nana’s before they even remember to pack their pj’s. Well research shows* that kids are far more likely to give a care about their hair if they have their very own product to use. 

2. Prepare the hair!

We all know the saying… failing to prepare is preparing to fail! Do yourself a favour, and get into a good night-time routine. Don’t want to wash hair every night? No problem! If your child has long hair, give them a few spritzes of detangler and a good brush before bedtime to make brushing easier in the morning. Does your child wake up with crazy matted hair each day? No worries! Try plaiting their hair before bed to avoid overnight hair-tastrophes. Feeling like brushing’s taking forever? We’ve got you! Make sure you’re using a good shampoo AND conditioner when washing, and maybe up the washing frequency? Also invest in a really great detangler and brush.

3. Keep your tools handy

What’s your favourite spot in the house to do kids hair? Is it in the kids bathroom or bedroom? Is it in your ensuite? Is it in the family area near the dining table? (A quick hairstyle while they’re eating breaky is effective multi-tasking if you ask us)! Or is it near the front door - that last-minute job before you head out for the day? Wherever it is… keep your tools of the trade there! Think Detangler, hairbrush, elastic bands, bobby pins, clips, bows, Hairspray, Gel or Wax

If your child’s totally self-sufficient and does their own hair, then lucky you! Perhaps suggest guiding them around how to use their products effectively (less is more, etc etc) so they don’t use half a tub of goodness in one go! Whatever you do, keep your tools handy and try to make sure the products your kids are using are free from nasty chemicals.

4. Have a few firm favourite styles

Get your hair styles sorted (for everyone’s sake)! Does your child love a braid? Make sure you’ve got those few extra minutes to get it done. Nothing like being under the pump to bring on a spout of butter-fingers! Is your child wearing a hat for most of the day? Try avoiding high ponytails and big bows, as they can feel uncomfortable under a hat. Is it a hot day? Think about taking hair off the back of the child’s neck to keep them feeling cooler. Try a fish tail or a low bun instead. Get comfortable with a few different hairstyles and try keeping hair back as much as possible, for everyone’s sake!

5. Make it fun!

Mornings can be stressful. So can starting or returning to school. So have some fun with this part of your child’s morning routine! Mix it up, have a play with new styles, and see them walk through those gates with a little bit of swagger because they feel schmick! Punk Angel is all about kids being able to express their own personalities in a fun, safe way. We’re big on positive psychology and we incorporate it into our branding to help impart confidence in our children and encourage them to embrace the unique attributes that make them unique. To all the Punk Angels out there we say “Just be you and do your thing! You are awesome just as you are”. Simple.

* Very important, data-driven Punk Angel research

By Punk Angel