Frequently Asked Questions

How did Punk Angel come about?

It’s so simple, we both have young kids and had struggled (we mean really struggled!) to find anything safe to use in their hair. As mums, we didn’t want to use adults’ products on our kids as it’s just too heavy for them. Also, we wanted to make sure what we were using was in fact safe. So as they say – “necessity is the mother of invention” and ironically two mothers came up with this invention. That pretty much sums it up!

Why can’t I use regular adults’ products on kids?

Well, you absolutely can. However just be mindful of the ingredients in those products and how they could potentially impact your child. There are some harsh chemicals in everyday products that you wouldn’t be aware of unless you went to the effort of researching ingredients. We’ve done that for you and created Punk Angel to give parents the choice. Parents now have access to beautiful products that can make kids feel and look great, whilst also being free from nasty ingredients.

How is Punk Angel different from other hair care ranges?

In so many ways. Firstly, we have no nasty chemicals. No parabens, no sulphates, no petrochemicals and no alcohol. We think this is a pretty big deal. Secondly, Punk Angel is formulated specifically for kids’ hair, which is different to adults’ hair. Add to that the fact that we’re proudly Australian made, designed by an experienced chemist and one of the first Australian hair care businesses to create a safe styling range for kids and voila! Need we say more?

Do you test your products on animals?

No way, Jose! Our products are far too awesome to test on animals, we prefer to test our products on our own kiddies! That’s how safe we know our products are. Honestly, knowing that our range has no nasty ingredients, we had absolutely no hesitation in trying them on our own little Punk Angels.  We love them so much that now we simply can’t live without them. In addition to that, our products have undergone extensive and rigorous preservative and stability efficacy testing. As we expected, our products passed with flying colours!

What are the traits of a Punk Angel?

Punk Angel is all about kids being able to express their own personalities, in a fun, safe way. Kids don’t need to adhere to a certain look to be “cool”.  We want all kids to be the best version of themselves. We are all unique and we at Punk Angel are here to embrace that! So to all Punk Angels out there, we say: “just be you and do your thing! You are awesome just as you are”. Simple.

What more can you tell us about your brand?

Punk Angel is deeply rooted in the principles of positive psychology. While we might just come across as another light and fluffy personal care brand, we are much more than that. We use positive language in all of our branding to help impart confidence in children and to help them embrace the unique attributes that make them the awesome people they are. We are strong on integrity, honesty, philanthropy, kindness and positivity – and that’s exactly how we go about running our business. We treat our customers, suppliers and followers with respect and have a fundamental belief that good comes from good.

What are Punk Angel products made from?

Wherever possible, Punk Angel products contain naturally derived ingredients. Sometimes to ensure the efficacy of a product, we may need to use an ingredient that is non-naturally derived. We have worked hard on our products to ensure that in these instances, we use the safest alternatives possible. That is our Punk Angel Promise.

Punk Angel products contain no Alcohol.  So what is Benzyl Alcohol?

Great question! “Alcohol” is not the same as “benzyl alcohol”. They are two very different things which have different properties. When it comes to cosmetics, there are many ingredients that necessarily have the word “alcohol” in their names but only one of them is actually alcohol. 

Some examples include "cetyl alcohol" (this is a wax), "stearyl alcohol" (also a type of wax), and in this case "benzyl alcohol", a liquid used widely around the world as a preservative to ensure safe products and included in certified organic products. The material labelled "alcohol" is very different. It is sometimes known by names including ethanol and methylated spirits but in cosmetics it must be referred to simply as "alcohol" (and not benzyl alcohol etc). There is "benzyl alcohol" but there is no "alcohol" in Punk Angel products because "benzyl alcohol" is not "alcohol".

What are Benzonates?

Benzoates (for example sodium benzoate or benzoic acid) are used widely as preservatives in many industries including the food industry and personal care industry. They are widely trusted and used in certified organic products. Benzoates are allowed for use in all countries around the world and are very safe when used correctly. We are happy to say that benzoates are used correctly in Punk Angel products!

Punk Angel products are Paraben free.  Why is this important?

Parabens largely replaced formaldehyde many decades ago as a preservative and are most widely used in personal care. They stop fungus, bacteria and other microbes from growing in products, which in turn increases shelf-life. They are used to stop products from becoming spoiled – especially when in moist, warm environments like bathrooms.  Parabens are found in many beauty and personal care products because they are cheap and effective. 

Some Parabens are said to mimic Oestrogen and are therefore postulated to slightly increase the likelihood of certain cancers. While this likelihood is debatable, we wanted to ensure that we produce the best quality and safest products possible. That’s exactly why we keep parabens out of all Punk Angel products and why we’re so excited to introduce a safe range of hair care products to the market.  Simple, really!

What about Sulphates?

Sulphates are foaming and cleansing agents, commonly used in cosmetic products and industrial cleaners.  Sulphates can also be found in body washes, shampoos, toothpastes, soap and laundry detergents. They give a thick, foamy-lather.

According to research, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) has been linked to cancer, neuro-toxicity, organ-toxicity, skin irritation and endocrine disruption. Way too risky to include in Punk Angel products if you ask us!  And no need for them anyway, as our shampoo lathers beautifully without them (insert happy dance here!). So you can be assured that there are no Sulphates in any of our Punk Angel products.

So tell us about Petrochemicals?

Petrochemicals are chemical products found in petroleum.  They are obtained from fossil fuels like coal, natural gas. That’s why we keep them away from our kiddies and want to keep them away from yours too.  Definitely no petrochemicals in Punk Angel, baby! 

Is Punk Angel really Australia made? Why are you so proud of that?

We will always choose to support local business and trade. Being 100% made in Australia is very important to us. From concept to formulating, to packaging and manufacturing we have kept things 100% onshore and we think that is something to be proud of! You can be assured that you are buying a great quality Australian owned and made product. 

Can Punk Angel be used by adults as well as kids?

One. Simple. Answer. YES!!!

Punk Angel was initially created for kids, however it is also an awesome range for adults too. Many adults are purchasing Punk Angel to avoid nasty ingredients, only to fall in love with the range as it makes their hair look and smell so good!

Added to that, we have found that Punk Angel has a very calming effect on people with sensitive scalps and skin. Whilst we recommend a patch test on those who are particularly sensitive, we are confident that Punk Angel will work its wonders and bring sunshine and rainbows to all. 

What if I have a problem with my product?

You mean no sunshine and rainbows?  Well we need to hear about that ASAP!  Please email us at with your concern, and we will come back to you promptly.  Alternatively please complete the contact form on our website and we will get in touch.  If you are concerned that a product is irritating your skin, please discontinue use immediately.