The Faces Of Punk Angel
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The Faces Of Punk Angel

In the lead-up to the Punk Angel launch in late 2015, we set out to find a unique, talented and bright bunch of kids who could represent our edgy and fun brand. We took to social media to look for "The Faces of Punk Angel", not knowing what kind of response we would receive. Within a matter of days our inbox was full of amazing entrants - which made it so hard to choose! So an executive decision was made to increase our "Faces" from four to nine - and here they are!

Meeting and working with these wonderful kids has been a fantastic experience in itself. Photgraphed by the amazing Kylie Southwood and styled by our very own talented Penny Paterakis, our photoshoot was fun, relaxed and totally unposed. We love our Punk Angel family and hope you do to! This gorgeous group pic pretty much sums up their quirkiness and individuality. We are proud to present, from Left to Right: Rihanna, Ikkai, Jasper, Elwood, Archie, Meika, Amaya, Spiz and Kiara, our 9 "Faces of Punk Angel", including our brand ambassador Elwood. Please read below to get to know them better!

Aliki & Kim xx




Age: 11 
My favourite hairstyle: High ponytail or beach boho hair
Love most about my hair: That its long and easy to manage. I can easily mess it up to have beach looking hair or slick it back into a ponytail.
To me “Punk Angel” means: Great hair products that won't damage my hair and feel awesome in my hair. We all need hair with attitude
My favourite thing in the world: Swimming - I swim 8-10km a week. And I also play basketball
I smile when: I trip over my own feet (which is all the time); when I'm with friends and family; when I chase my dog around the backyard; when I finish my homework; when it's time for the weekend and when life is good!



Age: almost 2
My favourite hairstyle: Curly top
Love most about my hair: That my curls will get the girls!
To me “Punk Angel” means: A rocky edge with a twist 
My favourite thing in the world:  Play soccer
I smile when... I'm tickled! 



Age: 4
My favourite hairstyle: Plaits and braids
Love most about my hair: When I have braids done from the very top
To me “Punk Angel” means: Wings
My favourite thing in the world: To go to the beach
I smile when... I’m happy



Age: 5
My favourite hairstyle: A cheeky mohawk 
Love most about my hair: The long part I can chew on!
To me “Punk Angel” means: Cool, but a little bit sweet.
My favourite thing in the world: Play with my friends and go on holidays.
I smile when... I laugh!




Age: 7
My favourite hairstyle: When I wake up and it doesn't get brushed! Love that! I love it long. It feels free.
Love most about my hair: That I don't get it cut very often. It's wild like me! 
To me “Punk Angel” means: A bit crazy with a bit of goodness too! Hey, that's me!
My favourite thing in the world: Playing with my mates and cousins until forever comes! 
I smile when... my mum buys me treats! 



Age: 7
My favourite hairstyle: I love having my hair down and out.
Love most about my hair:  I like its colour.
To me “Punk Angel” means: A colourful, fruity angel with wings on.
My favourite thing in the world: Play with my shopkins!
I smile when...  I'm happy! (she said with loads and loads of giggles)



Age: 5
My favourite hairstyle: A fro-hawk
Love most about my hair: I love that I can do lots of things with it and it's very curly!!
To me “Punk Angel” means:  A cool person. 
My favourite thing in the world:  I love to draw pictures of unicorns. 
I smile when... I eat chocolate! 



Age: 11
My favourite hairstyle: I like the line on the side with the wave at the top made famous by Soccer players Cristiano Ronaldo, Alexis Sanchez and the old look of Gareth Bale
Love most about my hair: I like that my hair is wavy and I like its colour
To me “Punk Angel” means: Cool hairstyles and great safe products to use that won't wreck your hair
My favourite thing in the world: Play soccer
I smile when... I score a goal for my team and when I get to spend time with friends and family.

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