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Tell all your friends. .. Amazing! 

Miranda Ottway (Submitted on 24th Aug 2016)

My son has rocked the mohawk since he was born, and I asked my hairdresser and other mums if there was a gel out there without alcohol, and I couldn't find one, until I came across your amazing product..
So i purchased it and gave it ago...
Love love love it...
I've now told my hairdresser to get onto this product. .
I tell everyone about Punk Angel Hair Products. .
Thank you for making such a great product, and you don't need a lot, it goes a long way...

Perfect for frizzy hair 

Fiona T (Submitted on 18th Jul 2016)

This keeps the kids hair back for school and you don't need to use a lot either and it doesn't set rock hard, firm and keep step hair neat though. I use it on all of my kids daily. Love It !

All the hold, without the crunch! 

Sarah K (Submitted on 22nd Dec 2015)

Love using this gel on my sons curly hair. Keeps his curls well defined without that horrible crunch you get with most gels... and I've tried them all! 
Will definitely be buying this again and again!





Belinda Wescombe (Submitted on 16th Aug 2016)

Awesome product and my husband even uses it now!

Best safe hair stuff for my boys 

Mummy to 2 boys (Submitted on 18th Sep 2016)

Boys loves the wax. Good hold and smells nice. 

Best wax ever! 

Unknown (Submitted on 7th Jun 2016)

I love using this wax in my son's hair because it has great hold yet still looks natural. Funny thing is, my husband is loving it too! Great that is has no nasties.





Janet (Submitted on 7th Feb 2017)

We bought this on a whim because it was on sale and Pinky McKay recommended it ... my daughter has immensely thick hair which is hard to brush every day ... we have been thrilled with this product it's by far the best detangler we've ever found.

No more running after kids with a brush! 

Emma (Submitted on 13th Nov 2016)

I was ordering products from New Zealand as there weren't any Australian products without nasties for kids.
The bottle its self is great, sprays in a fine mist rather than spurting out like other branded products.
Light on fine hair and great smell.

Softens hair 

Danielle S (Submitted on 16th Aug 2016)

My daughter has tried so many different products and this is the one she loves. She has long curly hair with the tendency to frizz. The frizz is under control as are the knots and it smells really lovely. As my daughter says, her hair has never felt so soft.

Great for long hair 

Belinda Wescombe (Submitted on 16th Aug 2016)

My daughter has really long hair that gets quite knotty. This product has really helped with this and makes it easier to brush.

Lives up to its name 

Taryn M (Submitted on 10th Aug 2016)

This detangling spray is fantastic. Having a daughters, one with fine curly hair and the other thick wavy hair, we have tried numerous sprays over the years. Punk Angel stood the test by easily combing sandy, salty beach hair on our recent holiday, also has a lovely scent that's not too sweet and overpowering. 
I'll definitely be a returning customer.

Great product 

Unknown (Submitted on 3rd Aug 2016)

Finally something which works on our knotted hair. Girls love using it.

I use it every day 

Fiona T (Submitted on 18th Jul 2016)

I love this product as when my kids wake up their hair is always in a crazy mess. I have 3 kids with curly frizzy hair and I don't know what I'd do without it. Im so glad we have an option with no chemicals, because with amount we go through it would be scary to think how many chemicals would be soaking in if we didn't have PUNK ANGEL. Love it!

Love it! 

Michelle (Submitted on 18th Jul 2016)

For the first time I can actually comb my daughters curly hair without her crying!

Love it love it love it 

Leeanne (Submitted on 19th Jun 2016)

No more knots!! and no harsh chemicals needed and icing on the cake smells divine


Bel (Submitted on 8th Jun 2016)

Love this product, does what it says on the bottle, smells fantastic. Free from all nasties so I am completely happy to use it on my daughter's hair. Love it!

Softer hair 

Sandy (Submitted on 28th May 2016)

Perfect product for my 2 year old daughter who has crazy curls. 
Have been looking for a natural product to move on from the baby Haircare I was using. Definitely recommend this.


Unknown (Submitted on 5th May 2016)

My daughter has curly, ringlet hair and we were both getting very frustrated with the knots. She would run away when it was time to brush her hair. Now there are no more knots! Thank you for creating a product that smells great, does what it says it is going to do and has no hidden nasties in the ingredients!

Amazing products! 
L papa (Submitted on 5th Mar 2016)The children love having their own special products to use. My daughters hair is beautiful and silky, the detangler has made brushing a lot easier. My son uses his gel everyday!


Vicki (Submitted on 25th Feb 2016)

This spray has been amazing. My daughter has very long very curly ringlet hair and this helps get all her knots out. :)

Works even better than I expected 

Unknown (Submitted on 18th Jan 2016)

My daughter has long thick hair and it has been a constant battle to keep the knots away. It is amazing that with a few sprays I can brush her hair with no hassle at all. I love the smell and the best thing is there is no nasties.

great product 

Danielle B. (Submitted on 31st Dec 2015)

I recently purchased this for my daughter who ends up with matted hair every sleep, car trip or pram ride. The spray easily removed her knots without any fuss from her superfine hair. I love that it's Australian made, includes a high percentage of natural ingriendients and most importantly gets rid of the knots with ease.

A lifesaver! 

Sarah K (Submitted on 22nd Dec 2015)

This product will be a staple in my house from now on! My son has very thirsty, curly hair. It's perfect for after swimming to put the moisture back in his curls that the salt/chlorine takes out. Plus I use it every morning to reset the curls after they go frizzy overnight. 
A must have for curly kids!!

The BEST product eva 

Simone (Submitted on 11th Dec 2015)

I bought this for my daughter because we always struggle after bathtime as her hair is very fine and gets knotty easily. What a miracle product. My daughter loves having her own special spray and it really has made a huge difference. The best thing is, I love the product on my own hair. My hair is dry and damaged and it gives my hair lustre and vibrancy that I absolutely love! It's a winner x




Super clean hair 

Christine (Submitted on 4th May 2016)

Sensational shampoo that leaves your hair super clean and smelling like sweet strawberries! Great for the whole family to use!

Phenomenal Products 

Theoni Gosios (Submitted on 30th Apr 2016)

These products are awesome and leave my children happy after they wash their hair. No more tears & complaints of stinging eyes from the chemicals in the soap. These products are great for they are chemical free and safe for my children. The added bonus for my children is that they smell really nice!! We will definitely be buying again in the near future! Thank you ladies, finally a great chemical free product that our whole family can use.

Beautiful products 

Carly (Submitted on 6th Feb 2016)

I recently purchased the punk Angel shampoo and conditioner and I have to say I'm very impressed!
Have tried lots of different products for my kids and these products are by far the best.
Love the smell, love the lather, love how it makes the kids hair feel and most of all I love how safe and natural they are.
Would highly recommend you try! You won't be disappointed.

Squeaky clean 

Sarah K (Submitted on 22nd Dec 2015)

Such a great every day cleanser which keeps the hair so soft and smelling delicious! I was surprised how well it lathers up being sulphate free! Love it!



Best kids hair products yet! 

Antoinette (Submitted on 8th Sep 2016)

My 2 girls absolutely LOVE the Punk Angel Shampoo and Conditioner! I highly recommend it to anyone with kids!! My girls' hair is beautiful and shiny. Best of all the products are free from all the nasties! HIGHLY RECOMMEND :)

Gorgeous products 

Danielle S (Submitted on 17th Aug 2016)

I have 3 children all with very different hair types. These products are really lovely for all of them. They smell amazing and make their hair so soft and shiny. It’s a great feeling knowing that they are natural and gentle on those little heads too.

Soft and lovely 

Angie (Submitted on 21st Jul 2016)

My kids' hair is really soft and shiny after using this product, and easy to brush - I noticed the difference after the first wash!

Very Happy 

Unknown (Submitted on 2nd Mar 2016)

We just used the Shampoo and Conditioner tonight for the first time & they are lovely. They smell beautiful and leave the hair really shiny and smooth.

Just awesome!! 

Vicki (Submitted on 25th Feb 2016)

I bought the shampoo and conditioner for both my kids with very thick curly hair. Leaves hair soft and smelling AMAZING with no chemicals. Would definitely recommend Punk Angel. :)

Amazing product and smells great too 

Karen S (Submitted on 18th Jan 2016)

I would never have though that with 1 wash I would notice an amazing difference with my daughters hair. Her hair is so soft and manageable and feels so clean. I was amazed that I was able to run a comb through her hair just after washing which I have never been able to do with any other shampoo or conditioner. It smells great and best thing is there is no nasties.


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