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The Punk Angel Effect


As a parent of three children, I must admit to heightened stress levels most weekday mornings in an effort to get the kids to school/kinder/childcare on time. Even with lunches made the night before, clothes out and bags packed, the clock seems to strike 8am way too soon and before I know it I’m barking orders at my kids in a voice that really does not resemble my own.

However there is one less thing I need to harp on about these days. It’s in relation to the kids doing their hair. Now that the kids have their own products, they just seem to take control of this part of the grooming routine. And I rather like it!

In fact, in speaking to other parents, we’re finding that it’s a bit of a phenomenon. The Punk Angel effect, as we like to call it. And we’re loving it.

Here at Punk Angel HQ, we constantly receive amazing reviews about our products. Just recently, a customer by the name of Michelle wrote to us saying: “For the first time I can actually comb my daughters curly hair without her crying!” Well, Michelle, we are delighted to hear that. In fact, we hear a lot of our customers who use the Detangler say that their kids now refuse to have their hair brushed without it. Oops - it seems as though we may have started something here! Sorry… not sorry :-)

Aside from the physical connection to the brand (we’ve heard about boys hiding their wax or gel in their rooms away from sticky fingers of siblings or parents); there is also an emotional connection, which means a great deal to us. You see, Punk Angel is grounded in the principles of positive psychology. The language used on our products, on our website and throughout all of our communications is positive and empowering. It is about kids being the best version of themselves. Feeling comfortable in their own skin and knowing they are great just as they are. Read more about it here

So the Punk Angel effect is more than just about kids taking charge of their own grooming. It is about the way they feel when they use the products. And for many of our customers, this is the greatest benefit. We hear of boys breaking out into a big grin when they see the magic they can create with a little bit of wax. And girls who look forward to washing their hair because they truly love their products. In fact, the Punk Angel effect is about way more than hair. It is about feeling, being and enjoying.

A huge shout-out to those who have submitted product reviews – pleasing our customers is our number one priority. If you have a chance, take a look at our reviews under each of the product descriptions on our website (

We’re excited to announce that there are two more Punk Angel products soon to be launched and we can’t wait to share them with our loyal customers. There are some exciting things happening as we speak and we thank you for being part of our journey.

Love, Punk Angel x

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