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The best Detangler in town!


According to our customers, that is! If you’ve thought about buying Punk Angel Detangler for your special someone, you now have 20% more reasons to… Buy. It. Now.

That’s right! Punk Angel Detangler is so fabulous, that we’ve decided to celebrate this award-winning product by offering our customers an extra 20% more for the same price!

That is $19.95 for a 300ml bottle. No sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals or alcohol, Punk Angel Detangler is a necessity for anyone who has trouble brushing, managing flyaways and keeping their hair looking shiny and healthy.

Here’s what some of our happy customers have to say:

“After unsuccessfully trying multiple detangler products to try and control my daughter’s curly, unruly mop of hair, I finally stumbled across Punk Angel Detangler. This product works beautifully and smells fantastic as well. Amazing stuff!” (Megan, April 2017)

“Every day it tames my 2yo son’s “bird’s nest”. His hair is a nightmare of tangles in the morning so I leave it on for a few seconds before combing through. He no longer fights having his hair combed.” (Bec, December 2016)

“My daughter has tried so many different products and this is the one she loves. She has long curly hair with the tendency to frizz. The frizz is under control as are the knots and it smells really lovely. As my daughter says, her hair has never felt so soft.” (Danielle, August 2016)

We love hearing from our happy customers and our Detangler receives rave reviews on a daily basis. Give it a go – and enjoy an extra 20% on us!

Love, Punk Angel xx

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