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Spotlight on: DETANGLER!


There’s nothing we love more at Punk Angel than hearing from our happy customers. And it comes as no surprise to us that our Detangler receives rave reviews! Just a few sprtizes can take unruly hair to groomed hair. The oh-so-knotty becomes soft and silky. And crazy matted hair can turn into soft beautiful curls with just a few sprays.

Generous in size, economical, free from nasties and with a gorgeous scent, we were delighted when Mum’s Grapevine voted it #1 product to tame curly hair!

Punk Angel Detangler has been a saviour to households around Australia and beyond. And with Summer on the way, we wanted to share some of our favourite customer feedback and the beautiful photos our Punk Angels have shared with us. Enjoy!

“Starting the new year with some new clothes and some new hair care products by @punkangelhair. Elissa loves the smell and effectiveness of this awesome spray. Let’s be real, so do I. This detangler smells amazing. Australian made and completely safe to use on your little ones…”

Thank you @ _j_u_l_e_z_ for your kind words – we’re so happy to hear you’re loving our Detangler! Elissa is such a cutie!

“Thank you @punkangelhair… That detangler – no tears today!”

@mochaballerina we love this this divine picture of your little one. Thank you for the great feedback, we’re so pleased we could help!

“Jade didn’t get this amazing head of hair from her mum that’s for sure! Thanks @punkangelhair for making sure it stays tangle free…”

We love this shot of Jade with her healthy golden locks! Thanks for the shout-out @rdeclase!

And let’s not forget about how handy this little gem is for the boys! We receive great feedback from families whose boys use the Detangler on their hair. It's great for handling matted surfy hair, taming curls and restoring moisture in coarse hair. 

“This product will be a staple in my house from now on! My son has very thirsty, curly hair. It’s perfect for after swimming to put the moisture back in his curls that the salt/chlorine takes out. Plus I use it every morning to reset the curls after they go frizzy overnight. A must have for curly kids!!”

Thank you @theknightly for your great feedback and gorgeous shot of Kobe getting into his choc-top! We love how you settle Kobe's curls with the Detangler first, and then style it with our awesome Wax. Great job mumma!

What may really surprise you is that Punk Angel Detangler is great for mum's hair too - perfect as a pre-heat treatment spray, makes blowdrying easier, smooths hair beautifully and is a great spritzer in the summer, giving that natural beachy look with a bit of extra hydration.

So there you have it folks – a little spotlight on our awesome Detangler. Once you try it we are sure you will love it!

Love, Punk Angel x

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