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Punk Angel Turns O-N-E!


WOW. What a year it’s been! It’s hard to believe that just one year ago to this day, we (Aliki & Kim) launched Punk Angel at the Kids Fest Runway Show in Melbourne. Our vision for our edgy new brand was clear – we wanted to kick off with a bang and fill a gap in the kids hair care market, by bringing beautiful, safe, effective hair care products to kids all around the world.

Our first year has been more exciting than we could ever have imagined, and we think this is a perfect time to celebrate some of our most memorable moments. But before we do that, we want to send a shout-out to our awesome customers! The people we work so hard for and who inspire us every day with their wonderful feedback and beautiful product reviews. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We’ve squeezed a lot into 12 months! Here are our favourite bits:

In the lead-up to our launch, we went out to find the “Faces of Punk Angel”. This was an opportunity for mums and dads in Melbourne to nominate their kids to represent our brand. We had an overwhelming response to our campaign, and were delighted with the nine gorgeous kids we chose as our Faces of Punk Angel. Rihanna, Ikkai, Jasper, Elwood, Archer, Meika, Amaya, Spiz and Kiara – you guys rock! Our photo shoot with the awesome Kylie Southwood was incredible and for us, seeing our brand represented by these gorgeous, lovely kids was one of our greatest highs. For more on this, take a look at http://punkangel.com.au/the-faces-of-punk-angel/

Punk Angel has received great exposure in the press and this is something we’re so proud of. Being innovative and offering something new to the market has meant that lots of great publications have been keen to feature Punk Angel. We nearly spat out our hot skinny latte’s when we saw Punk Angel featured in the Saturday Herald Sun back in April. Add to that, features in Practical Parenting Magazine, Little Angel Magazine and Mum’s Grapevine naming our Detangler the #1 solution to tame curly hair. Happy days!

We had the great pleasure of collaborating with the super talented Shelley of @prettylittlebreaids at the Kids Fest Runway Show in April. We had such a ball styling all the kids who walked the runway. Shelley and @pennykerasiotis worked under some really tight time pressures to create truly amazing hairstyles using Punk Angel. It was a great day and we can’t wait to work with Shelley and Penny again.

At the end of April, we were humbled to announce our partnership with the Chldren’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI). It was really hard choosing the “right” charity for us. However when we truly sat back and considered our journey, CMRI ticked all the boxes. We at Punk Angel have committed to contributing a portion of our revenue to CMRI – because we believe that together we can beat childhood disease.

Another high this year has been the strong relationships we have created with our stockists, who are loving being able to offer Punk Angel to their customers. We look forward to increasing our number and spread of stockists in 2017. 

Throughout the year we have had some big names popping up, telling us how much they love our products! We adore the super gorgeous Reid from @realdadsofmelbourne who refuses to hit the school playground without his Punk Angel routine each morning. And we love @stylingthetribe Carla who swears that Punk Angel is the perfect solution to her boys’ bad hair days!

And from across the seas, we are so chuffed that @myoakleydoakley from the UK loves our range! Oakley is a pretty amazing little boy and we are are honoured to be a part of his childhood journey.

And finally we had a little chuckle when the beautiful girls of @kidsfashionblogger presented their “how to” Punk Angel tutorial! This was super cute and very informative indeed! Take a look at our Instagram feed @punkangelhair for some of these special moments.

We hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane; there are so many other magical milestones we could share. But at this stage we feel it’s important to look forward to the exciting things we have planned for 2017! We have two fabulous new products soon to be launched, some exciting news for our customers outside of Australia, lots of beautiful media exposure and some great collaborations to look forward to.

To our family, friends, customers and supporters – thank you! Punk Angel has had a sensational first year and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Love, Punk Angel x

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