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​Hey, hey, hey, it’s HAIRSPRAY day!


To our awesome Punk Angel community, the wait is over. The day has finally arrived. For us to introduce (insert drum roll here…) Punk Angel Hairspray!

Finally a safe, awesome Hairspray especially made for kids. That’s right, strictly no parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals or alcohol. Made in Australia with love. Another gorgeous new product to add to the Punk Angel mix. You asked and we listened, so thank you!

We heard from many of our customers that keeping hair in place, managing fly-aways and adding more hold were things you were looking for. You wanted a gentle product, easy to use, but something that was really effective. And you asked for this product to have the same gorgeous signature scent that so many have fallen in love with. So without further ado, we are so excited to share it with you!

As with all of our products, Punk Angel Hairspray has undergone extensive testing. Here are our top tips on how Punk Angel Hairspray can save the day:

1. Scrunch and set. Want those curls to stay all day? Set them in place with a few pumps of Punk Angel Hairspray! Whether the curls are natural or enhanced, they will last a whole lot longer if you add some hold to them.

2. Lock that style in. Got the look you were after, but worried that the gel or wax you’ve used won’t do the job on its own? Then have no fear, Punk Angel Hairspray is here! Simply style with your favourite product, and then add a few pumps of Hairspray once your style is set. This will boost holding power and set your locks into lockdown!

3. Keep in place. We all love a good braid/plait/bun, but losing it is never fun! Keep your handywork in place by adding a few pumps of Hairspray to your 'do once it’s done. 

We at Punk Angel are very proud to bring clean, green, safe hair products to kids all around the world. To learn more about us, take a look at http://punkangel.com.au/who-we-are/

Creating our Hairspray has been a long and rewarding process as we want our customers to love everything about it. We are excited to offer 25% off our Hairspray for 48 hours, so hurry up and snap yours up while this offer lasts! 

And be sure to share the Punk Angel word by liking and sharing our page, for your chance to win one of five Punk Angel styling packs! These packs include a full size Gel and Hairspray, valued at $39.90.

Love, Punk Angel xx

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