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GEL: Three Things you Need to Know!


Hair gel. It has had a bad wrap for a long time. Purchase a dud and you’ll be left with white crusty flakes and maybe even an itchy scalp. Or even worse, that 80’s wet look with mega crunch factor. Jeepers creepers!

But have you ever bought a fantastic gel? One that you just can’t live without? One that you buy for your kids, and have a dip into from time to time when you need to get rid of those fly-aways? If you’ve managed to find a great one, then stick to it (I think I just punned). 

I suppose while we’re on the topic, I should probably tell you about Punk Angel’s amazing hair gel. No parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals or alcohol – a gel with no nasties… finally! Lightweight with a strong hold, it’s becoming a staple in bathrooms near and far.

So here are some things you need to know about gel, and just how handy it can be.

1. The Prima Ballerina

Have you ever wondered how much the ozone layer has been impacted by the cans of hairspray used on ballerinas and dancers in general? Not only bad for your hair, but bad for the environment! Save the planet and use some awesome Punk Angel Gel instead! Simply pull your child’s hair back into a tight ponytail, then slick a light coat of gel right over it. You can then finish off your bun complete with hair net or donut (not the edible type, of course!). And hey presto, your tiny dancer’s hair will stay in place all day! 

This is also a great option for very little girls with heaps of fly-aways. I find that my nearly 2-year old’s hair is so fine, that a pony tail only really lasts the length of a commercial break. So to ensure her hair doesn’t impair her vision, I have my little box of goodies that I bring out every morning before I get her out of her high chair. I’ve got my trusty comb, a bag of loom bands (perfect hair elastics for fine hair), my Punk Angel Detangler (for getting rid of the matted look) and my Punk Angel Gel. Before we can even get through a full rendition of “rockabye your bear” her hair is done. Winning! 

2. Taming Unruly Locks

Have you got a kid with unruly locks? One that wakes in the morning with bed head and whose hair just seems to get bigger as the day progresses? I do! And while there’s nothing at all wrong with going au natural, if you want to tame that mane then we’ve got the solution for you. Simply rub some Punk Angel Gel between your hands and style as desired. The more you use, the stronger the hold. The good news is that because it’s water-based, you can simply brush it out at the end of the day.

This is also a great option for your little dude who has fine hair that you would like to style! It will stay in place and won’t irritate his scalp. For an uber-cute look, try a mini-hawk (mini-Mohawk!) or even push to the side for a very natural look. Not all mums are keen to style their toddler's hair, but at least if you want to, you can rest assured that there is finally a safe option available.

3. Secret Women’s Business

I’m not sure about you, but washing my hair is a really big deal. It often requires a calendar entry and sometimes just the thought of it makes me tired. So to stretch it out just one more day can be a real blessing. This is when my little pot of goodness comes in handy. Without my sons even suspecting it, I’ve been known to tuck into their Punk Angel Gel and use it to style my hair for the day. I love a little backcomb (thanks mum) and find that if I sweep my hair back into a mid-height pony tail, and apply some gel, it can look rather elegant (thanks for the inspo, JLo!). The great thing is that it stays in place the entire day and may even pull my forehead back a bit too! Who needs botox when you’ve got a good gel, hey?!

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful. We’ve had some very happy customers leave amazing reviews about our gel! I invite you to take a look for yourself – go to and click on product reviews. So beautiful, they bring a tear to my eye!

Happy start of Spring, everyone. Any questions, you know where to find us.

Love, Punk Angel xx

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