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From baby to boy - oh what a joy!


Have you ever been thrown by a facebook photo of a friend’s child and thought “no way, that could not be their baby!”.

It happened to me recently when a very close friend of mine, Sarah from @bytheseawiththree posted a photo of her little boy Charlie on Instagram. And I literally did a double take. The same little Charlie who it seems only a few months ago was a bobbing head in a baby bjorn. That same little Charlie who had just recently cut his first tooth / taken his first steps / had his first swim. That same little Charlie who is really… not so little anymore!

Sometimes it’s just that time really has gotten the better of us. That more time had in fact lapsed since we last took notice. But other times, those cheeky parents have gone and played a big trick on us. By getting their squishy, squashy little cherub a… Big. Boy. Haircut.

Who would have thought with some fancy scissorwork and a slick of wax or gel, that the once cutesy little baby could morph into a spunky little boy? A boy who - all of a sudden - seems so grown up and ready to take on the world.

Well, we have been quite inspired by Charlie, and want to honour him in this week’s blog, by sharing some of our favourite Baby to Boy images. We are so pleased to be able to provide a safe hair care option for all parents who are looking to style their child’s hair without all the nasties. Here are some of our faves…

Sarah loves to use Punk Angel wax on Charlie’s hair. Made specifically for kids, Punk Angel wax does all the work of regular wax, but without the pull! Because of its softer formulation, it is much easier to apply. Just rub some wax between your hands to warm it and then style till your heart’s content! You will find that the product works a treat, leaving a soft, effortless hold. The added bonus is that it smells divine!

We love showcasing the gorgeous @myoakleydoakley from the UK. Oakley became an internet sensation when his mum chose to celebrate her gorgeous little son Oakley, who was born without his right hand and forearm, by setting up his refreshingly real instagram account. Oakley and his mum are big Punk Angel fans, and we love the fact that we played a part in Oakley’s Baby to Boy transformation. Here are our fave before and after pics of Oakley – what a difference a little Punk Angel makes!

And just for fun, here are a few of other gorgeous boys who love a bit of Punk Angel! Sweet brothers Tevita, Maikeli and Tomasi of @stylingthetribe. And the gorgeous Reid from @the_real_dads_of_melbourne.

If you want to know more about Punk Angel, check out our About Us page or read our Frequently Asked Questions.We hope you like our fave Baby to Boy shots. Who would have thought a good haircut and a slick of wax or gel could transform a little person so much? Do you have a Baby to Boy photo to share? If so please email us at We’d love to hear from you!

Love, Punk Angel xx

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