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Favourite boys' hairstyles from around the globe


Punk Angel was created by co-founders Aliki & Kim, who – like most entrepreneurs – started a business to fill a personal need. The need was in relation to finding great, safe styling products to use in their young boys’ hair.

So it comes as no surprise that today’s blog is dedicated to boys’ hair and some of our favourite styles from around the globe.

1.  The Minihawk

Sweet Oakley of @myoakleydoakley sports a serious minihawk in this pic. He is a gorgeous little guy in the UK who we came across last December, just as we were launching Punk Angel. Oakley and his mum are big Punk Angel fans and we are enjoying seeing his hairstyles change as he is getting older – with a little help from Punk Angel of course! To read more about Oakley’s amazing story (and his gorgeous family), click here.

To achieve Oakley’s impressive minihawk, rub a bit of Punk Angel wax between your fingers (always a good idea to warm the wax first) and then sweep up both sides of the hair towards the middle of the head. The final touch is to smooth down the rest of the hair, for more impact.

You don’t necessarily have to have the sides shaved and the top left long to achieve this look. You can simply create the illusion of a minihawk by using some good styling products and working the hair in the right direction.

2.  Mr Curly Tops

There is something oh so divine about natural curls. However for boys with really curly hair, they can find that their hair can take on a life of its own if not managed properly.

To achieve the effortless look of @jcalebshep, first spray a few pumps of Punk Angel Detangler into hair. This will help reduce frizziness, redefine curls and add much needed moisture to the hair.

Then just massage some Punk Angel Gel between your hands and fingers and apply very lightly, using a scrunching motion. The trick in this instance is to use the gel sparingly, to help keep the curls feeling nice and soft.

3.  The cool side sweep

Love this pic of Sam Newton Welsh taken by his mum @laurenelisenewton on their way to see Matilda the Musical. We know Sam is a big Punk Angel fan – and dabbles in a bit of wax and gel to keep his seriously straight hair to the side.

Sam has super thick hair and a couple of cowlicks – which means his hair doesn’t always do what it’s told. So to combat this, Sam tends to apply a bit of wax to the front of his hair once it’s completely dry – then adds some gel to give it extra hold.

Not only do we love how Sam looks in this photo; what we really love is that Sam knows that he is looking sharp. Great stuff, Sam. We think you’re a champ.

Boys' hairstyles. Who would have thought one could do so much with (in most cases) so little hair?

Love, Punk Angel x

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