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Welcome to the Punk Angel Blog, here you can keep up to date with all our latest news and adventures. We love sharing so be sure to check in regularly.

There's a new kid on the block!


Introducing… Punk Angel All-In-One Hair & Body Wash! You asked… we delivered! A gorgeous 500ml pump bottle filled with natural & organic goodness to make bath time that little bit easier (and a whole lot Punkier)!

For our customers looking for organic based products, this will be music to your ears. Formulated with nourishing organic aloe vera, soothing organic lavender and nutritious organic beetroot, hair and skin will be left feeling soft and fresh.

Perfect for that special someone with extra sensitive skin, or for families wanting to make bath and shower time that little bit more efficient – Punk Angel Hair & Body Wash is the perfect choice.

Soap free, 100% vegan and free from nasties, bathe your babes in love knowing that this gentle formula will nourish their delicate skin. 

As with all Punk Angel products, they contain absolutely no parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals or alcohol and are made right here in Australia. And at $19.95 for a 500ml pump-bottle, this little baby is economical too! 

So there you have it - great news all-round!

Thank you for loving Punk Angel, your amazing feedback keeps us inspired and energised. Please keep sharing the love – we can’t wait to hear what you think of the new member of the Punk Angel family!

Love, Punk Angel xx

The best Detangler in town!

According to our customers, that is! If you’ve thought about buying Punk Angel Detangler for your special someone, you now have 20% more reasons to… Buy. It. Now.That’s right! Punk Angel Detangler is so fabulous, that we’ve decided to celebrate this award-winning product by offering our customers an extra 20% more for the same price!That is $19.95 for a [...]

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​Hey, hey, hey, it’s HAIRSPRAY day!

To our awesome Punk Angel community, the wait is over. The day has finally arrived. For us to introduce (insert drum roll here…) Punk Angel Hairspray!Finally a safe, awesome Hairspray especially made for kids. That’s right, strictly no parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals or alcohol. Made in Australia with love. Another gorgeous new product to add to the Punk Angel mix. You [...]

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From baby to boy - oh what a joy!

Have you ever been thrown by a facebook photo of a friend’s child and thought “no way, that could not be their baby!”. It happened to me recently when a very close friend of mine, Sarah from @bytheseawiththree posted a photo of her little boy Charlie on Instagram. And I literally did a double take. The same little Charlie who [...]

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Exciting News from Punk Angel!

Happy New Year to our Punk Angel community! We hope you have all started the year with much happiness and lots of fun.  We at Punk Angel are very excited about 2017! Listening to our customers and responding quickly is something we're very proud of. We have taken your suggestions on board and can't wait to [...]

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Punk Angel Turns O-N-E!

WOW. What a year it’s been! It’s hard to believe that just one year ago to this day, we (Aliki & Kim) launched Punk Angel at the Kids Fest Runway Show in Melbourne. Our vision for our edgy new brand was clear – we wanted to kick off with a bang and fill a gap in the kids hair [...]

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Spotlight on: DETANGLER!

There’s nothing we love more at Punk Angel than hearing from our happy customers. And it comes as no surprise to us that our Detangler receives rave reviews! Just a few sprtizes can take unruly hair to groomed hair. The oh-so-knotty becomes soft and silky. And crazy matted hair can turn into soft beautiful curls with just a few [...]

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Favourite boys' hairstyles from around the globe

Punk Angel was created by co-founders Aliki & Kim, who – like most entrepreneurs – started a business to fill a personal need. The need was in relation to finding great, safe styling products to use in their young boys’ hair.So it comes as no surprise that today’s blog is dedicated to boys’ hair and some of our favourite styles [...]

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The Punk Angel Effect

As a parent of three children, I must admit to heightened stress levels most weekday mornings in an effort to get the kids to school/kinder/childcare on time. Even with lunches made the night before, clothes out and bags packed, the clock seems to strike 8am way too soon and before I know it I’m barking orders at my kids [...]

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GEL: Three Things you Need to Know!

Hair gel. It has had a bad wrap for a long time. Purchase a dud and you’ll be left with white crusty flakes and maybe even an itchy scalp. Or even worse, that 80’s wet look with mega crunch factor. Jeepers creepers!But have you ever bought a fantastic gel? One that you just can’t live without? One that you [...]

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